How retail work 
Most people don't know how much of the price of watch goes to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. When you buy a luxury watch from a jeweler or watch store the watch is sold at a price from 15 to 50 times higher on average than its cost to produce. These markups cover the costs for profit made by the wholesalers, distributors, retailers, marketing, and advertising campaigns. The price of a watch increases every time it changes hands, and by the time you get the watch you’re paying almost 3,000% more than the cost of production.

How it works when you buy a watch in a store
The luxury watch you bought in the store, usually with a cheap movement, might cost only $110 (or less) to make… but you end up paying over $2,000 and for decades, people were forced to either spend a huge amount of cash for a watch they love… or be forced to buy a cheap timepiece made from low-quality materials. But that’s what we at limerence want to change. 

Changing the future of the luxury watch industry
A team of 3 watch enthusiasts, were tired of the prices most watch retailers were charging for luxury watches. That is why we want to bring the watches directly to you. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own luxury timepiece, so you can enjoy the quality without having to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege. We set out to figure out a way to make luxury timepieces available to ALL people at a fair price. That is why we founded Limerence and are now on our way to democratize the luxury timepiece industry. Limerence skips wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to offer $2000+ handcrafted, Swiss made luxury timepieces for less than $700.

The founders have researched the market over 3 years to put together a perfect watch for you. Limerence will only use high-quality pieces in the watch, that are handpicked by the founders. In all our watches, you will find Swiss-made movements to bear the resistance of time. We will stop at nothing, to provide you with a luxury watch with perfect quality. 

We will launch the first collection on Kickstarter in 2017
Limerence set their initial funding goal at $120,000. We hope to make a revolutionary approach to making luxury watches affordable for everyone. 

Will we shatter the records for Kickstarter and become the most funded timepiece project in crowdfunding history?