The movement that never stop

We at Limerence believe it is the quality of the watch that is the most important aspect. And it is the movement that is the very heart of a watch. So we searched and tested several movements before we chose one of the biggest and best manufacturers of movements ETA of Switzerland. The ETA movements are well known for their durability and it has been called the movement that never stops.

The vast majority of ETA movements are used in mechanical and automatic watches produced by luxury watchmakers.

However many also believe that the ETA movements are more reliable than newer movements produced by the smaller watchmakers who may not have the quality control or investment to ensure longevity and accuracy.

We use the ETA 2824-2 Swiss made high quality automatic movement. Exactly what you would expect when you buy a luxury watch; the best possible movement at a affordable price. That is why we chose to use on of the most reliable movements to ensure the quality of our watches.

ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse is a Swiss watch manufacturer that’s one of the most dominant players in the luxury watch industry. Founded back in 1856 by Eterna, the history of ETA predates that by more than half a century. It features a 25 jewel movement and are based on the Eterna 1427 designed back in 1961 and have been used in thousands of mechanical watches before from brands such as Tudor and Sinn. It is accurate, durable and one of the best movements for three-handed watches in the price segment.

For new collectors and those interested but unfamiliar with the vast number of movements available in the luxury watch market, the ETA movements prove to be a good place to start. One of the first movements every watch collector should be familiar with is the ETA 2824-2, which is an automatic movement.