Luxury Watches For Men

We at Limerence offer luxury watches for men at best prices all over internet.  We make quality watches which could last for centuries!  


The Arctic Ocean

Dial is all about bold simplicity. The silver dial with the blue markings makes this classic watch feel masculine and powerful just like the ocean. A sweep second hand powered by an ETA Swiss automatic watch movement glides effortlessly around the minimalist dial. For those who appreciate uncluttered functionality and design, this watch will give you timeless elegance. With the Arctic Ocean you have the possibility to tailor it to any outfit by changing over the straps to one that suits the occasion perfectly and reflects your style. 5 Ocean Blue Ticking away inside this elegant timepiece.

The Ocean Blue

Model takes it inspiration from the Norwegian fjords where the water have a crystal clear deep blue color. The pureness of this color can take your breath away, the same feeling we want you to feel when you put it on. When we brought back the blue dial it had to be done right. The blue dial was popular many years ago, and are now coming back to boost your credentials. Eminently wearable, this lovely watch has been designed to suit every occasion. Elegant and smart, slim and comfortable on the wrist.

Norwegian Elegance

We took our inspiration from Norway, where the famous church Nidarosdomen reflects the elegance and the perfection of this watch. While we still kept it masculine like the Vikings when mixed the rose gold and steel. This gives you get the perfect balance between beauty and strength. Pure and minimalistic, this watch will appeal to those in search of classic watch with a look of elegance. Characterized by the brand's signature watch, indices and subtle date window, the design offers a beautiful look. Complemented by a polished rose gold stainless steel case makes this watch the ultimate accessory. This watch gives you a look that effortlessly embodies timeless elegance.