Guide to buying an affordable automatic watch

Guide to buying an affordable automatic watch


When you're about to buy a new watch the first one of the first questions that will pop up is probably automatic or quartz? From a rational perspective, the quartz watch should be the winner, it's more accurate, cheaper and does not have the need for service like an automatic watch.


But for most people that have been interested in watches for a while most quartz watches a put to the side in favor for the mechanical watches. Buying a watch is all about the experience and the reason people are willing to buy a watch for $10,000 instead of a $50 watch that is more precise.


When buying an affordable watch you need to think about what is important to you, is affordability based solely on price, how seldom it needs service or may be based on how often you are going to wear it. With all these questions it is easy to understand that buying a watch is a complex decision, it all depends on what you define as valuable.


If you are buying your first watch you should think long and hard about what is your style and what watches goes well into your wardrobe. If your work attire were a suit, you would probably not buy a G-shock as this clash with the way you dress. A diver (a watch made for diving) is a good all-around choice as it goes well with pretty much everything. Another good choice is a classic watch, which is thinner than a diver and that is easy to change straps to get different looks for your watch.


After deciding what style you are seeking its time to focus on what is inside the watch. The question that often tears the watch enthusiasts apart is deciding between Swiss made or not. A large part of the biggest brands in the watch industry is based in Switzerland and take great pride in this fact. Does that mean that the price tag needs to be higher? Not for all timepieces. There are some brands that will give you the expected quality of a Swiss watch but with a lower price tag. If you want to get good value for your money you should look at the micro brands that are pushing towards better quality at a lower price.

With all that being said, you should look for a watch that you will fill satisfied with. Not what you have read on a forum. The best buys are usually the ones that you actually wear.