Affordable automatic watches

If you are a watch enthusiast or you just need to keep time, you will definitely prefer quality over anything, so why is Limerence the best affordable automatic watch in the world?

First, let me tell you where we wanted to be, it may sound cheeky but we wanted to make quality before quantity. As we were exploring what materials to use, we could only settle for the luxury materials. 

But what is luxury materials? For us, that meant the steel in the watchcase had to be surgical steel and have the best properties against wear and tear. Sapphire anti-reflective glass it's expensive and only a seriously good quality watch would use it! Italian leather straps you feel the difference on your wrist! The details are amazing I have to say I'm falling in love with it.

And in the heart of our affordable automatic watch is the movement! A swiss eta movement, with spectacular precision this beautiful movement u can see through the glass caseback, it's simply amazing!