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Can this be The Most Successful Timepiece Project In Crowdfunding History?

In May 2014, The founders of limerence starter the idea about making a watch brand.
They idea will completely change the market,
Up to now, no other brand have launches a timepiece whit this quality to a fraction of the price of a luxury brand. They did research the market and did spend owner 3 years to put together a perfect watch for you.

Artic Ocean

The Artic ocean dial is all about the bold simplicity. The silver dial whit the blue marking, makes the classic watch feel masculine.

Materials we use

Swiss made

We use the ETA 2824-2 Swiss made high quality automatic movement. 

When you buy a luxury watch you expect that all the pieces in the watch should be quality. 

Thats why we have chosen one of the most reliable movement to ensure the quality of our watch.

Italian leather craftsmanship

We only use the finest pieces of leather from renowned leather tanneries. 

Our watch straps is made of high quality calf with croco pattern.

Sapphire crystal glass

We chose scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment. The sapphire crystal is equipped with an AR coating on the inside, limiting to a very low level the reflection on the crystal, and bringing the glare almost to zero. The thickness of the AR layer is properly chosen to a destructive interference between the two reflective waves that will occur and which will decrease the reflected wave.

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